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So, you think you're a leader? You probably are. But let us guess: if you wake up at night, it has to do with one of the many leadership challenges you're dealing with. And that's quite OK. Because leadership comes with great responsibility: inspiring every single one of your employees to feel fully engaged and enabled. Every single time. It’s hard to imagine a tougher challenge for anyone. But the question remains: are you up for it?

Three pillars
of inspiring leadership

#1 Inspiring clarity

Inspiring leaders need to make things clear for their employees. Translate the company's vision and strategies into clear-cut stories and messages that resonate with every employee. Stories that stick in their heads and strengthen their hearts. We can help you build these messages and deliver them to your teams in the most inspiring way.

#2 Leadership diversity

From start-up to scale-up, through solid growth or big change, inspiring leaders steer the company through calm seas and choppy waters with flexibility and determination. Diverse contexts require diverse skills. And diverse personalities. We help you harness your leadership team’s diversity in the most effective way.

#3 Team performance

Inspiring leaders need to see themselves as integral to the only team that oversees the full scope of the company. A strong team performance will get you the best results. But team performance requires continuous effort. We help you grow into the ultimate leadership team, a solid support and beacon that steers the entire company to success.

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation and its goals.

- Kevin Kruse

We're not here to please you...

We’re here to help you grow. Better still, to help you lead.

Paul Van Geyt

Paul (° 1958) has a wealth of experience in unlocking the true leadership potential of many directors and senior managers, developing their apparent skills and awakening dormant ones. Not only is he a patient and empathetic listener, he has a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of countries and industries and is greatly valued for his analytical capacity.

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What leaders say about our service

“Despite my many years of experience, Ignace enabled me to discover new things that inspire me as a leader on an everyday basis. Both the contents and style of his training courses and team coachings are out of the ordinary. I trust him with my eyes closed!”

Marc Boumal, UCMConnect with Marc

“Paul and his team have become our main allies in boosting the skills of our leaders and in creating teams that get the best out of each other. He offers a perfect mix of training courses, workshops and personal coachings.”

Bernard Deryckere, AlproConnect with Bernard

“Tom has really challenged us with his view and approach on how to inspire our employees with a compelling Kohera story. What was really surprising was that this exercise helped us grow not just as storytellers, but also as a team.”

Frederik Vandeputte, KoheraConnect with Frederik

“Tom helped us translate the new strategic direction into clear messages. With his critical eye, he persistently pulled every leader out of their comfort zone. Thanks to his creative insight, we were able to communicate our new mission to our people in a very inspiring way.”

Jean De Crane, Isabel GroupConnect with Jean

“Our company is in transformation and we needed an inspiring story to reconnect with our employees. A tough challenge but one we are in the process of overcoming with the help of Tom and his team. His approach is pragmatic, professional and playful.”

Johan Decuyper, BelgocontrolConnect with Johan

“I fully trust Ignace and Paul in guiding leaders and leadership teams. They combine professionalism with loyalty. And they really think with their client. I can’t imagine a better foundation for an excellent partnership.”

David Ducheyne, People StrategistConnect with David

“Ignace not only has a significant impact on personal development, he also manages to gain trust, inspire leaders and build confident, engaged and enthusiastic teams. Definitely a long-lasting partnership that works!”

Anne Vander Schueren, FluxysConnect with Anne

“Paul is a result-oriented coach who really understands our business challenges. His transparent approach and integrity are crucial ingredients to building the trust that is needed in a coaching context.”

Karolien Vanneste, BekaertConnect with Karolien

“Putting his intelligence, experience and language skills to best use, Ignace let us discover a new reality within our team and organisation. A reality that now motivates and informs our work. And that, to us, makes him an inspiring partner for our company.”

Diane De Greef, Engie LaborelecConnect with Diane

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